The story of my trash can

Hello guys!

It’s been hell of a long time since I wrote something. There was a time when I thought writing is my passion. Not a single day passed without me writing something. Scribbling exactly I’d say. I felt proud and satisfied every morning when I emptied my trash can full of crumbled up papers. Evidence of my learning process.

As days passed, the papers were not filling up my trash can anymore. One day it became completely empty. First thought would be, I got so good at it that I don’t write anything anymore that goes directly to the trash. Don’t I wish! But the sad truth is I stopped writing. Reason? Now that I look back at it, I’d say god-frickin’-damn laziness as my first one. Then came the big bad dilemma. Is writing even my real passion? Then came the dangerous insecurity. How will I ever be good at it? Will people ever read and like what I write?

Days passed. Months passed and years did too. Like triggering a long forgotten memory, something triggered my long forgotten passion one fine day. I had this major nostalgia kicking in. It so happens that I got my inspiration of writing from my baby sister, I might as well get some thoughts on it from her. I still remember the day she made me sit on the terrace under the evening sun and narrated her first story that she was gonna write.

‘You know it’s your passion when it makes you happy. You don’t have to be good at writing. The secret is just to keep writing about anything and everything. It’s the learning process that’s important. One day before you know it, you’ll turn out to be actually good.’ She said.

I made up my mind. I began again. My brain was totally rusty, I couldn’t find any words to fill my paper. Instead I began to sketch an almost crappy image of a cartoon. Which I gotta admit, felt equally good. My sister happened to see the sketch and she believed that I can draw too.

This got me thinking. ‘Do I wanna draw or write?’ After a not-so-serious to serious thought process, I came to a conclusion. Hey, what’s the harm in having more than one passion? Yes, I wanna do both! Thanks to my sister, my trash can is overflowing with crumbled up papers again and I’m gonna keep it that way. After all, it’s the learning process that’s important. Thanks for being an inspiration and motivation, making me realize what I can do, I dedicate this article to you, my loving sister!

Author: Yuvi's Buzz

I'm a simple girl who is in love with writing. Music is my lifeline, I cannot survive without songs. I love to read novels and stories especially in the fantasy genre. And a big fan of Marvel and DC movies.

4 thoughts on “The story of my trash can”

  1. I admit I clicked on this because it had the title “The story of my trash can”. I definitely agree with the idea of being creative and having more than one creative hobby! This is a lovely post, and I admit I’ve been lazy with my writing process. I hope to improve on that somehow!

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  2. One of my favourite writers when I was a child was Robin Jarvis; he used to illustrate his own books, and he was good at both. There are lots of writers like that, who produce their books as one complete, creative package.
    Maybe you could be the next one!


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