The Story of My Treadmill

Putting on weight can be really stressful. How stressful? Everytime I look at my meal bowl with something good in it, I’ll be on a major guilt trip. 

‘Will I gain more weight if I eat this?’

‘But I gotta eat to survive!’

‘Well, I can eat healthy salads too…’

‘Fine. Let’s eat a little this once and diet from tomorrow.’

A sample of the battle raging in my head when the meal bowl is in my hands. Who in the world wouldn’t love chicken, cakes and basically everything that’s not so good for the body? Driven by guilt, we check our weight and determine to jog on the treadmill everyday and diet.

Stage 1:

Complete cut down on sugar and rice. Run and walk and jog like crazy. Watch motivational videos, eat carrots and cucumber and scream ‘Raw is Good and Good is Raw!’

Stage 2:

Did I just dream about eating chicken? Why do I feel down? People usually say coffee with milk brightens up everything. Should we try? One cup doesn’t hurt! No harm in skipping one day of jogging. I imagine all this but I end up just imagining them. God is so cruel! Why does he have to make people hungry?!

Stage 3:

I actually do what I had imagined during stage 2. But be cool anyway because I’m so sure that it is just for a day.

Stage 4:

I thought it’s been just a day since I skipped dieting and jogging, but it has actually been a week! Did I get into a coma and lose track of time?! 

Stage 5:

I exercise extreme caution to not look at my treadmill. Why? Because I will end up feeling guilty. Did I just hear it laughing at me? Oh, like I care! I’m not fat. I’m just a wee bit difficult to kidnap.

Stage 6: 

Stage 1 all over again!

Conclusion? We have got dreams to accomplish. Family to take care of. Nothing is possible without health. So let’s just set a priority for our health and work on it. Hopefully.😊

Author: Yuvi's Buzz

I'm a simple girl who is in love with writing. Music is my lifeline, I cannot survive without songs. I love to read novels and stories especially in the fantasy genre. And a big fan of Marvel and DC movies.

3 thoughts on “The Story of My Treadmill”

  1. Hi Yuvi, I hope you won’t mind me leaving quite an opinionated comment here but I think this highlights a major problem with much of the fitness an dieting industry: very advanced advertising aims to make people feel pressured into getting results in an unrealistic timescale. I have definitely come to believe that slow, sustainable change is the key to success. For example, one of the best things I did was cutting down the sugars I take in coffee from two to one. So that’s three cups of coffee a day = three fewer sugars a day, FOREVER! Now, if I taste a coffee with two sugars in, it seems sickly sweet to me.
    I also think that a lot of people need to eat more, not less: more fruits and vegetables, and therefore more fibre and more nutrition. This in turn, helps people to crave the “empty” calories of, say, a Mars bar a little bit less. Combined with getting active, in any way possible, I am convinced that this yields long-term, sustainable results.
    Please forgive the essay length comment but your post struck a bit of a chord with me and my own efforts!

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    1. Hi… thanks for the comment, I appreciate it a lot. This post, it is totally based on my daily life experience and somebody out there like me, trying to stay more fit and healthy. I like the tip about sugars. Thanks again😊

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