The Nine Face Monster

Sketches By Nitesh

Ta-da, As promised. Well actually, not as promised. After all, I did say no Slipknot for today. But then again, I’m a heretic after all, aren’t I? Had too much fun drawing this, took me around three hours. a stretch perfectly complimented by Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses and .5: The Gray Chapter.

So step inside and see the devil in I. Told you, I can’t ignore Slipknot. #maggot for life.

P_20170820_182903_1 (1)

Still needs some work here and there, but that’s a story for another day.

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The Lone Wolf

Alone he was, wherever it was

Stronger, it made him, more than he thought.

Peace he knew, a luxury well deserved

Shame he knew not, joy of being alone.

More of a solitary, he was, a lone wolf

Sight of another human, he never yearned.

In love with the moon, he was, deep and true

Bright and beautiful she was, another girl he never knew.

Once a month he turned, he cried and howled

For the love he will never get, from the far away moon.

What didn’t kill him, made him stronger

No hate in him, but cherished and relished in her bright light.

A solitary, a lone wolf he was called

But a were-wolf he was, wild and hard.

Daily Prompt: Solitary

Image Source : Pixabay 

Will You Miss Me?

The grainy sands of the beach

The dancing tides of the ocean

In the wet sand, I rambled

A clean slate, the waves made

My darkest secrets safe, once again.

The gentle breeze on my skin

The dazzling sunset in the horizon 

I leaped in the air and swirled

Moving one with the wind

Every beat of my heart cleansed.

Lost in the beauty I see,

I wish everyday to be free

I let the waves kiss my legs

Ponder over the life at beach.

O, the grainy sands and the dancing tides

O, the gentle breeze and the dazzling sunsets

My never fading love, I have confessed.

Your answer, I will wait forever

Show me a sign in secret

Just a drizzle in the hot summer

When I go back to reality,

Will you miss me?

Daily prompt: Grainy

Image Source : Pixabay