Dear Diary #2

Ever felt a sudden urge, like a strong craving, to do something that you love but haven’t done in a long time? As for me, neurons started firing up in my brain (or whatever the science thingy is, I couldn’t care less) and I wanted to just get a pencil and paper and sketch something! Oh, how I wish for the art to just flow when that happens! (Can’t blame a girl for dreaming, even an unrealistic one!)

God had mercy on me, I found some papers at the reach of my eyes. Now the next step for me is more difficult than drawing itself. How do I know? Because, life is not easy. I couldn’t find a pencil. It’s totally on me coz, I left my entire drawing kit back home recently when I was on a vacation. (Shit happens!)

I had to embark myself on a journey of mini treasure hunt across the house, hoping to find a pencil, even a tiny one. No luck!

Show yourself, pencil!

Yeah, like it’s gonna pop up magically! I should have been a witch, I knew it! At least I know a magical solution to blow torch my frustration. I’m gonna go binge watch something on Netflix with a bowl of comfort food.

Until next time, lovely art and you wonderful people!

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

Dear Diary #1

Dear Diary,

I’ve never attempted logging journals or diary entries before and not gonna do it in the near future either. You might ask ‘Then what in the holy donut is this?!’. Well, to be honest, I have no idea. May be the ramblings of an overthinking girl who believes in fairy tales. At least the part where they say, ‘…and they lived happily ever after!’

When someone says, ‘Stop overthinking things’, I’m that kind of girl who comes up with 9438 reasons why I couldn’t help it! I was determined to make choco milkshake but I switched the blender on before closing the lid. Well, you know what happened next. You can also imagine my irritation, frustration and all kinds of negative emotions ever known to human because, I prefer every last drop of it in my mouth and not everywhere else!

Sleep is sometimes my bitter enemy. It haunts me like hell when I’m not supposed to sleep and I have to run behind it begging pathetically, when I should. In the aftermath of it, my mind works like a Mad Hatter’s Joint sometimes and I would need an official reboot of my system, using a tub of icecream.

Dear diary, I’m not perfect. I’m not judgey and you won’t judge me either. Pinky swear. It is lovely of you to bear my stupid ramblings. Until next time, bye-bye from me.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay