My (presumably) Last Letter

The sun rays penetrates the canopy of leaves here and there

The forest witnesses the birth of an art at its feet

Life is lovely to live here, a hard sought solace for the soul

Such a lie, when there are dangerous creatures out there

They come with axes and chain saws at night and day

Limb from limb they tear apart my kith and kin

I’m paralysed and stuck to the ground, helpless, the universe is cruel

My silent cry fills the air though no soul, living or dead, will listen

One day, the hell will be unleashed, the greatest revenge of my mother nature

An angry lady she is, the earth will be levelled and totalled

I still love you, cherish you, my tiny homosapiens

I don’t blame your entire kind for few bad and rotten eggs.


The Death’s Feast

A thin streak of tears washed a line of ash and soot off his face exposing his real skin

The stench of blood, burnt flesh and death pinned him down to the bitter reality

He pushed and crawled and dragged himself away from the pile of lifeless soldiers

The gunshots and cries of human souls filled the air and his heart like a bitter scar

Time flew with the poor souls, a feast awaiting Death

The battle came to an end, they have won, they announced

He walked away with guilt and remorse, he had lost the count of the souls he had doused

He walked away, his own soul long lost by the horrors he had caused and endured

He walked away with questions that will never be answered; Where is peace? Where is humanity?

He walked away with a wish that will never be fulfilled; a world that doesn’t know war.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

The Weird, Wide World

The moon fell into the ocean, splashing, drenching me with a cold wave

The wind refused to dry me out as I shivered and sweared on my way home

The stars had fallen too, tired of shining, couldn’t spot a single one from the window

The air lost its scent of blooming flowers, it’s colorless, odorless, and lifeless

The dreams at night were abstract arts, I failed to decode them every time

The harsh rains hurt my skin as I swallowed my coffee, so tasteless

The signs were all around me that I ignored, the universe kept planting them

Like the sun rays reaching the edges of the earth, it dawned upon me now

This weird, wide world will never be the same without you.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay

Woodland Fire and Afterlife

Stacked up money defines rich

Like tomfool said your vehement belief

A magic, a wonder, a gradual change 

Inebriated mess, you let it become

Like flame is that rich, so glorious and bright

As woodland on fire, you let it burn self

None to stop, charred and burned your soul.

With wind flew its ashes, remnants of emotions

No face in the mirror, No shadow in the sun

No love to feel, No heart to beat.

Tight in the hold of devil named money 

A drug it was, the power you felt.

Cackled as a maniac, ripped own humanity,

Now stop acting human, you are not one.

Got no rightful place with mother Earth

A dead weight no more, prepare to go 

With no one to love, to miss you in leave

Find a new planet, Find your peace.

Image Source : Pixabay 

I, Robin Hood

Dark or day, they are one and the same

To lend a hand, to rain help in need

They come in dark, with claws and paws

Plunder and pillage like a pirate on weed

I return the favour, I’m a gleaming mirror

I restore what’s lost, with pride and honour

Crime and dime rings like rhyme

Brand me a criminal, I don’t give a damn

Wine is fine, with a bottle or two

I ride with the wind like an uncrowned prince

Arrows and swords, my partners in crime

Of them beware, they never miss

Catch me if you can, am I here or there?

I’m the fricking Robin Hood, I’m everywhere!

Daily Prompt: Rhyme

Image Source : Pixabay 

A Celestial Hide-and-Seek

The Sun, the Moon and planet Earth

Celestials of fame, chasing each other

Upon the stars, they made a wish

Toddlers they turned, once in a while

A game they played, of olden days 

Golden it was, born no one to deny

Counted down one by one, the earth did, her eyes closed

In a paint of pitch black, covered herself the moon

Roll and roll she did, the sun behind her, hid

A camouflage the moon thought, hiding in plain sight

But dazzled across galaxies, the ring-of-halo of the Sun

Peek-a-Boo! The earth seeked, easy as night and day

The moon rolled away, with a will to win the next time

Lovely it was like no other, a brief but mighty game

Witnessed by the earthlings, in wonder, frozen till the end

Eclipse, they called it, the Celestials’ hide-and-seek!

Image Source : Pixabay 

The Lone Wolf

Alone he was, wherever it was

Stronger, it made him, more than he thought.

Peace he knew, a luxury well deserved

Shame he knew not, joy of being alone.

More of a solitary, he was, a lone wolf

Sight of another human, he never yearned.

In love with the moon, he was, deep and true

Bright and beautiful she was, another girl he never knew.

Once a month he turned, he cried and howled

For the love he will never get, from the far away moon.

What didn’t kill him, made him stronger

No hate in him, but cherished and relished in her bright light.

A solitary, a lone wolf he was called

But a were-wolf he was, wild and hard.

Daily Prompt: Solitary

Image Source : Pixabay