The Nine Face Monster

Sketches By Nitesh

Ta-da, As promised. Well actually, not as promised. After all, I did say no Slipknot for today. But then again, I’m a heretic after all, aren’t I? Had too much fun drawing this, took me around three hours. a stretch perfectly complimented by Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses and .5: The Gray Chapter.

So step inside and see the devil in I. Told you, I can’t ignore Slipknot. #maggot for life.

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Still needs some work here and there, but that’s a story for another day.

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The Clueless Heart Of Mine

The riverside amble in the late of night

The beaten track is an evidence of might

The laughter, the looks and dreams of day

Blew out the candle, wished out of the way

Moments were colorful, painted with love

Or is it a delusion, hallucination and imagination’s show?

Now the blame, the joke and everything is on me

I weep in the dark where there is nothing to see.

May be your kiss was lost in the oblivion.

It wasn’t love, you said. So casually cruel!

I waited as days turned to eons

My love and hope, as stubborn as rocks.

They said love will make you fly, I believed

But why am I stuck in the fiery abyss, not relieved?

Daily prompt: Amble

Image Source : Pixabay

Who’s the Boss?

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It was a foggy Sunday with the sun hiding behind the clouds. There was not much sunlight and it was cold too. She was in the kitchen doing the dishes as she enjoyed the weather and the view from the kitchen window. 

“Seems like it might rain too!” He stepped into the kitchen and grabbed two coffee mugs.

She loves coffee and he didn’t have to ask her. Whatever time of the day it may be, she would love to have it.

“Coffee and Netflix is a good idea, isn’t it? We’ll catch a nice movie.” She said.

“Last night we did! Let’s watch some reality show.” He loved reality shows and talk shows more than movies. It was extremely difficult for him to stay awake through an entire movie.

They argued as the milk boiled and finally concluded that they would take turns and watch together. It seemed like a decent arrangement that they agreed to satisfaction.

“Since we watched a movie last night, it’s my turn now.” He said happily as he poured the milk in the mugs and stirred with coffee and sugar cubes.

She took a mug from his hands and planted a cute peck on his cheeks in agreement. They entered the living room and stopped short.

Their four year old kid was watching cartoons, holding the remote control in her hands. They briefly forgot the fact that watching tv is at the mercy of their kid when she is awake.

They exchanged awkward grins and took their places beside their kid. They cheered for popeye like the argument never even happened.

Daily Prompt: Foggy

Kids Are Like That!

Day One

She was so excited. It was a new beginning in her life, moving in to a new house. They say home is where the heart is. She felt like she was finally at home. 

Day Two

She was singing along Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive and suddenly the doorbell rang. Never used to having unexpected visitors, she secretly wished that whoever rang the doorbell would leave after ringing a couple of times. Unfortunately it did not happen. It was her neighbor with her two kids.

Small talks were exchanged and it was a so-far-so-good feeling. Then slowly the nightmare unfolded before her eyes. It was like the two hyperactive kids were off their leashes! They were up and exploring every inch of the house, rummaging through every drawer and unpacked boxes they could find. She was losing her calm and cool by the second, looking at the kids running here and there throwing things around. ‘I wanted to scream at them to leave!’ She said her husband. ‘Kids are like that!’ He was cool about it.

Day Everyday

The house was a mess everytime after the kids left and she was nowhere close to liking them. She even began wondering if her heart was that shallow to hate having kids around. ‘I will run away if this happens daily.’ She was clearly angry. ‘Kids are like that!’ Said her husband, everytime.

Day Somewhere-Close-To-Fifty

Another neighbor moved in. She shook off the thought of having more kids around because it was horrifying. But the new neighbor’s baby was just few months old. ‘Not a problem for few more years’, she was relaxed. 

The new neighbor visited one fine evening with her baby. She held the baby in her arms and slowly she realized what she was missing out in her life. Those tiny pink arms that touched her cheeks, opened up a new world for her.

The next day the hyperactive kids visited. Well, it had become a usual routine by then. But she did not throw a fit. Not anymore. Her husband raised an eyebrow at her in complete surprise.

‘Kids are like that.’ She shrugged her shoulders and walked away with a smile.

Daily prompt: Shallow