A Story In A Line 

With her child, she grew up a little everyday learning life along the way.

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The Sound of Silence 

Pravarthika's log

Alone in the palace of one, with the alarm it began

Ringing and Ringing, waking from noisy dream

Task switched, coffee machine purred

One by one, got life and sound

Air for carriage, my ears for destination.
Clocks ticked, second by second

A reminder to me, be not indolent

Noise was lonely, so music joined

Bells gonged, cars honked

Over and over, added on.
Goodbye, said the sun

And went home, for fun

Leaving me in the dark

Lying alone on my bed

Listening to the last clock.
“Ah! Silence at last! How nice!”

Not did I utter, and out went the power

Air became still, Dark to darker

A slow ringing, reaching my ear

Went higher and higher, source unknown

Tossing and turning, but can’t shake off.

Lonely and terrifying

Silence became deafening

Drowning in the dark, longing for a sound

Hours passed, or minutes, not known

Until a…

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My Dear Darling (4)

Pravarthika's log

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My Dear Darling series

Day 6
My Dear Darling,

There has been a change in our plan. Things are not going well and we have been forced to return to out post. The only solace I find in this is that I can write you sooner than I expected to. You might wonder why I am telling you details of our actions. Do not worry, my dear. It is safe for me to write such vague informs that everyone already knows.

On our way back, we had to hunt some game for food. I killed a lovely deer. We could not use our guns for a fear of being heard. So shooting it down was not an option. The amount of stealth and speed it required was tremendous. It was almost like a training exercise. It was grazing so peacefully, quite a sight to look…

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The Nine Face Monster

Sketches By Nitesh

Ta-da, As promised. Well actually, not as promised. After all, I did say no Slipknot for today. But then again, I’m a heretic after all, aren’t I? Had too much fun drawing this, took me around three hours. a stretch perfectly complimented by Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses and .5: The Gray Chapter.

So step inside and see the devil in I. Told you, I can’t ignore Slipknot. #maggot for life.

P_20170820_182903_1 (1)

Still needs some work here and there, but that’s a story for another day.

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