Cartoons, Here I Come!

I’ve always had a corner for painting but I never really improved. So I’d thought for a change, why don’t I try toon drawings? And what’s the best way to learn without drawing our favorite cartoons from our childhood? Here’s the toon collage. 

Photo prompt : Collage

Sky High Walls

The charming sea green eyes

Fluttering butterflies everytime…

Love must be blissful.

My heart reached out to yours;

You smiled back gently.

Cruel is the fear of the broken heart;

Walls are strong and sky high.

Did I have to bury my heart?


In the Sands of time… 


A Record of Your Dreams

Ever had a so good and pleasant dream and wished you could have made a record of it? ONEIROGRAPHY. Yeah, that’s what it’s technically called. I had never been a technical person but this idea had me totally intrigued. 

This idea of recording dreams became popular in 1977 through an American – Canadian writer, William Ford Gibson’s short stories and novels. In his trilogy, ‘The Sprawl’, he explores a world of direct mind-machine links and machine intelligence. This trilogy was a huge commercial and critical success. From there on, a number of movies based on this idea and its complex consequences had hit the theaters.

The idea itself is so cool and when we see it in movies it is amazing. Who would have even imagined that it is possible in reality?! 

A team of US based scientists are researching into electronically recording and interpreting dreams! The ultimate aim of the lead scientist Dr. Cerf is to develop a system that would enable psychologists to confirm people’s recollection of dreams with an electronic visualisation. The team believes it might be possible given the rapidly developing sensor technology!

Dream analysis is used by psychologists as a tool to understand subconscious minds. So when they have an actual record of the dream, it would open a wide range of possibilities for better diagnosis. It would be possible to read people’s minds when they cannot communicate, such as in a coma.

Let’s say if this research is a success; What would be the application of it in many years from now? People can just think of the flow of an information and have it written before their eyes! This is just a small example and who knows what more could be possible!

As awestruck as I am by this kind of genius minds and their researches, I couldn’t help my mind parallelly going into wild and creepy imaginations! (When visualisation of dream is possible, how far is manipulation? How far is ‘INCEPTION’?!)

Source: Wikipedia, BBC news

A Little Savage Called Heart

Why is heart a savage? Because how much ever we try to control our hearts, well, it’s not completely possible. It almost always acts not bothering of the consequences of it’s action. Let us take a look at few examples. 

Brain: We gotta wake up in time tomorrow. So let’s up and off to bed.

Heart: But it’s the season finale! Can’t stop watching now!

Then comes the curiosity of how the TV show goes in the next season and it’s way past midnight before you know it.

You finally go to sleep thinking about the next day. But suddenly you find yourself wide awake because you had a bad dream.

Brain: Let me get this straight. You are mad because of a bad dream?

Heart: That sure didn’t sound like an apology!

You try to sleep but it’s already early in the morning. Not even close to feeling fresh because of the lack of sleep, you find yourself in your office, sitting like a zombie behind your desk. 

Brain: No! Don’t even think about it! It’s not even noon yet!

Heart: I don’t care. I hate work. Let’s go home and sleep!

Before you realise, you are at home after you’ve taken the rest of your day off. As soon as you are through the door you realize you haven’t cleaned your house yet.

Brain: Everything is a mess! Let’s clean before we go to sleep.

Heart: It’s messy only because you think it is.

Lately there has been a misunderstanding with the guy/girl you are seeing and your heart is broken.

Brain: Don’t you dare text him/her! Have some dignity!

Heart: I just wanna say hi. May be he/she loves me still.

Brain: You are a total savage!!

Everyday we face things that might create conflicts between our heart and mind. Human emotions and behaviour are a blend of both of our heart and mind. At the end of the day,  that’s what defines us. (Me to my brain and heart: So you two better get along!)