I Can Cook!

There are so many people who love to cook and I am definitely one of them. I’ve always considered cooking as an art, rather than looking at it as an everyday chore. The satisfaction that fills your heart when your recipe turns out good is the same as a flower blooming in the plant you grow. It’s the process that is important.

It all started back in the day when I used to see my sister making sugar candies and baking cookies. So I decided to make a dessert myself. I cooked grated carrots with milk, sugar and coconut and brought it to the consistency of a pudding. Everyone in the family was excited to try it out. I served them the so-called-dessert and went to my room with a bowl for myself. One spoonful, and I was like, ‘….’. Well, I didn’t know what to think! I have to say it tasted sweet but funny! A few more spoonfuls and I realised, ‘Okay, this is not edible!’. I came out of my room only to save my family from trying so hard to finish their bowl. My recipe was a disaster but I couldn’t help laughing!

I am not good with sweets but I didn’t want to stop trying. Why don’t I try to cook together with my sister? The whole process itself was fascinating for both of us and one fine day we decided to try cooking new recipes. And boy, did we have lots of fun! Here is our first cooking experience together.

After a long discussion we decided to cook something new and different. Instead of making a stuff for the bread sandwich, we decided to make the bread as the stuffing. We chopped bread into pieces, stir-fried with tomatoes and soy sauce. Then we made egg wraps with the stir-fried bread as the stuffing. Surprisingly, it tasted good. That evening had a happy ending.

From there on, we did lots of cooking. And of course, we some times had our failure recipes too. But at the end of the day, all the fun that we had and the beautiful memories that we made were the only things that mattered.

Daily prompt: Edible

I’ve Got The Moxie

Dreams and prospects

In novel high levels…

Excitement, like a breeze

That only gets stronger by the minute.

Past failures are dragons;

Breathing down fire upon us.

But burn I will not.

All I need, a strong shield.

Like a carapace to hold me,

From burning down to dust.

I stand and walk away

From those mighty beasts

But know they not,

I will try again,

Over and over,

Until the dragons are dust. Because

I’ve got the shield.

I’ve got the love.

I’ve got the moxie.

Daily prompt: Moxie

Writer’s Quote of the Day

Muses are everywhere. We just have to see it. For example, this quote is a muse by itself.

Write drunk. Edit Sober.

                   – Ernest Hemingway

Though the literal meaning is fascinating (or atleast I think so), it actually means to pour all the ideas out on the paper and then to clip and crisp it. Quite powerful!