How to draw in One Point Perspective?

A hello to all of you beautiful people out there! πŸ‘‹ Have you ever wondered how people draw a simple sketch and make it look very realistic? I have! Because I usually sketch for leisure and never thought about the how-tos of it. So even with reference images, my sketches lacked something on the ‘convincing’ part which i couldn’t put my finger on until now! It’s drawing with perspectives!

Our eyes perceive depth in the form of perspectives, simply one point, two point and three point. So, how do you replicate what you see in 3D on a 2D surface, that is paper and make it look very realistic and convincing? Using this unique technique called drawing with perspectives.

What is One Point Perspective?

Imagine you are standing in a train track that stretches straight in front of you. Concentrate on how far your eyes can see. At the farther end over the horizon, everything seems to converge to a single point. That point is called VANISHING POINT. We are going to use this vanishing point and draw our image.

One point perspective – Vanishing point

In one point perspective, a single vanishing point is used, in two point 2 and 3 for 3 point perspective. In one point perspective, the observer is viewing the image face on, that is all of the planes facing the observer are flat. By using a horizon line, vanishing point and a set of straight lines that diverge from the vanishing point, you can create a beautiful rendering of a 3D image on a paper that looks realistic. Let’s see how with an example of drawing a train track with a tunnel.

Drawing a tunnel in One Point Perspective

One Point Perspective
  1. Draw a straight line for the horizon and mark the center with a point which is our vanishing point.
  2. Draw a set of lines diverging from the vanishing point for the tracks. Compare it with image shown above for a better understanding.
  3. For the tunnel, draw reference lines from the vanishing point as shown. Note how every line is drawn from the point. That’s how we create depth.
One Point Perspective

As for the shading part, the nearer end of the tunnel facing us will be brighter and it gets darker as we go in. So I’ve shaded accordingly. I will add a train on the top, and finish up with some shading. Here is the end result.

One point perspective

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Dear DiaryπŸ’• : Call of Duty ramblings

So… my brain out of the blue decides that I should do some rambling entries. Oh, well! Here I go!

Call of Duty! My first ever playstation game I’ve played. From the Infinite Warfare to the Cold War, all I’ve got is love for that beauty! (And sometimes a little bit of hate tooπŸ˜„)

Zombies? No problem. Multiplayer? Piece of cake. Campaign and Co-Ops? πŸ˜„ But… Am I the only one in this whole wide world who is incapable of playing war zone?! 🧐

Game 1. Let’s wait to drop at the far end the map. Oh no, there’s still people waiting with me. I better drop now. Let’s find a gun. Oh, there’s one! Run girl, run to it. Then I hear a single shot. Death by sniper. Who the…! Respawn? Don’t even bother. I know what will happen before even landing. That is if I survive the gulag first.πŸ˜‘

Game 2. Let’s land in the middle. Oh hey, this is a nice hiding spot. I’m gonna hide and don’t even sneak a peek of what’s happening out.



Oh, the circle! A slight peek out the window and jackpot! There’s a clueless guy running in the distance. I got a good LMG, what could go wrong? ‘Dudududud….’ Nope. ‘Dudududud…’ Nope! Damn, he’s fast! Stop running for God’s sake. And.. he does. He’s like ‘oh, hello there…’ and fires a single shot and guess what? Dead.

Game 546. I’m gonna land at the far end of the map. Stealth mode – ON. I’m a secret ninja. I chase the circle. Oh, I’m already in the top fifty. Hear that footsteps? No, don’t even move! Let him pass. I’m just sitting here, meditating. Top twenty. The circle gets smaller and at the first encounter of a human, I’m gone even before I aim down at him!πŸ₯΄ Alright, thats it! Goodbye, warzone! I’ll go back to my multiplayer and zombie stuffs, thank you.😏

Illustration art | Freedom

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.

Leonardo da Vinci

An illustration is a visual explanation of story or concept that is most intended to be published in media, magazines, posters, flyers or books. Well, you get the idea. Here is a brief introduction on the topic – Illustration art.


She thought it was a fairy-tale love. Hell, it even felt like one too for a few months. It was exciting, sweet and magical. But with everyday that was passing, what she thought was love, began shedding it’s fake skin. As smiles faded, sweet little moments were a thing of the past.

“Oh, I’m not a saint!” She muttered to herself. “I can’t keep raining love without receiving anything. I’m done hoping!”

It was nothing other than torture to hope it will all be fine one day. But of course she knew it was a lost cause. It was a battle between ‘stay’ and ‘walk away’ everyday. Her instincts were screaming that it was not real but she was not ready to accept it.

One fine day, she decided to get to the end of it. No more getting treated like garbage, no more taken-for-granted. She cut all the strings that were holding her back and weighing down on her.

As she walked away, even the setting sun had a new glow. She felt lighter like a feather. She felt freedom.

Illustration art

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Illustration art – A beginner’s guide

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹ So, illustrations. We might have seen this word here and there associated with drawings and stories. What does it actually mean? This is a fascinating kind of art that’s gotten famous and practically unavoidable over the recent years. Why? Because the world’s gotten busier these days and you gotta make an impact at a single glance. What serves better other than powerful and catchy illustrations? Imagine a story, whether it be long or short. Instead of just texts, adding an illustration easily registers.

What is Illustration art?

An illustration is basically a pictorial depiction of a concept or story. For example, a comic strip, book covers, posters and likewise are illustrations. A painting is an idea either solid or abstract that is brought to life on canvas whereas an illustration is a pictorial version of a section of the story.


After every busy day, she loved to sit at the pier and relax with her feet immersed in the water. The cool breeze and the cooler water worked like magic, refreshing her for the next day. The water reflected the vibrant city lights from the other end. It looked more like a piece of giant modern art, which she always loved to sit and enjoy!

She was never a lone girl, but when she was at the pier she wouldn’t prefer it any other way. She loved the sound of the chirping crickets and the gentle breeze rustling through the trees behind her. She always hated the noise of the busy traffic. The honking horns and the roaring cars were a colossal irritation that’s unable to avoid. But the mild and muffled city sounds at this end of pier seemed like a powerless monster, funny and almost fascinating! Every day she wanted to stay a bit longer, may be more but it was already time to leave. She walked away, back into the city lights she dreaded, hoping to come back to the beautiful nature the next day as every day!

Illustration art

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Zentangle art – A beginner’s guide | Modern-day Medusa

Hello everyone πŸ‘‹ Hope you’re all doing good this week! Today’s topic is rather an interesting one, a new kind of drawing that has gotten famous in the recent years. Zentangle art! Let’s dive in!😊

What is Zentangle art? | Why Zentangle?

To begin with, let’s see ‘What is zen?’. Being zen is feeling peaceful, calm and relaxed like after a good meditation or after a spa day for example. Zentangle art is similar in the way of achieving that experience through art! Sounds cool, right?! It really is! If you love to draw and sketch, you will already love the process, no matter what you draw. The beauty with zentangle is you can never make a mistake no matter whatever you draw! You will end up making beautiful drawings and with little creativity thrown in the mix, the result will be stunning! It is known to improve creativity and focus while relaxing our minds. In other words, jackpot!

How to do Zentangle art? | Zentangle patterns for beginners

Zentangle is a combination of small designs like curves, lines and dots in repeated patterns. To practice for beginners, it’s drawn in 3.5inch x 3.5inch squares. It’s called tiles and the patterns are tangles. Let’s see a simple set of tangles. You can come up with anything, draw anything, call it a pattern and it actually is!😊

Zentangle patterns for beginners

The next step is to use that tangles in creating art! The real zentangle method is to keep four dots in the four corners of the paper. Then join the dots in any way by drawing curvy, tangling lines. Then fill them up with any patterns you wish.

To take it even to a higher level, you blend zentangle patterns with whatever and wherever you want thereby creating absolutely stunning pieces art! The possibilities are literally endless and that’s what I love about it!

Let’s go wild!!

If you love fairy-tales as much as I, then you’d love Medusa too, I bet! A super-cool, super-powerful, mysterious, badass villain! What’s not to love with that?! (πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ) Now back to zentangle… What if I replace the snakes-for-hair with zentangle patterns? It’s a cool idea, right? Let’s see how it turns out…

Zentangle Art – Medusa

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