My (presumably) Last Letter

The sun rays penetrates the canopy of leaves here and there

The forest witnesses the birth of an art at its feet

Life is lovely to live here, a hard sought solace for the soul

Such a lie, when there are dangerous creatures out there

They come with axes and chain saws at night and day

Limb from limb they tear apart my kith and kin

I’m paralysed and stuck to the ground, helpless, the universe is cruel

My silent cry fills the air though no soul, living or dead, will listen

One day, the hell will be unleashed, the greatest revenge of my mother nature

An angry lady she is, the earth will be levelled and totalled

I still love you, cherish you, my tiny homosapiens

I don’t blame your entire kind for few bad and rotten eggs.

Where am I?

She opened her eyes. It was dark. She squinted and rubbed her eyes to adjust to the darkness but nothing much happened. Few seconds should have passed. Something hit her like a hammer to the head. She didn’t know where she was. She didn’t know what place it was or what she was doing there. She couldn’t remember anything.

‘Don’t panic!’ She whispered to herself but she knew very well that it wouldn’t work. Her heart was racing and drops of sweat started to trickle down her cheeks. She thought of screaming for help but was too frozen with fear even to whisper.

She stood up from wherever she was and slowly began to move with her hands reached out. Few steps and she felt something. It was cold like metal. She tried to feel as much as possible with her hands to figure something out. Not a single ray of light came from anywhere and her racing heart made things only worse. It was still pitch black.

She was still moving slowly, feeling with her hands. Seconds later, it felt like a door knob. A hint of relief washed over her and she pushed the knob. She was terrified that it wouldn’t open but thankfully it did.

She opened the door and stepped out. It was a room and it was totally unfamiliar. The night lamp faintly illuminated the room and she was shocked. Like air rushing into a vacuum, she remembered it all too well.

The place looked unfamiliar because she was on a trip with her friends. She was sleeping. Her throat felt like it was on fire. So she woke up and went to get a glass of water from the next room. She fell asleep again, sitting in a chair, before even getting a glass. It was dark because she did close the door behind her and forgot to turn the lights on.

She wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry from the panic attack she just had. “I will never drink in my life ever again!” She muttered to herself and went back to sleep.

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A letter to Me, Myself and I

Dear Me,

I know you’ve been well so I’ll save asking the typical ‘how are you doing?’. Now, I’m not gonna try and make you perfect. Nobody can be. So it’s totally up to you to consider the following pointers or to pull up a ‘talk-to-my-hand’ face.

I know you are trying to live up to being an ideal introvert and all; Just remember that it doesn’t hurt to meet people occasionally.

Laziness kills you. Stop whining that you are bored and try to do something other than being a couch potato.

I heard somewhere that crying doesn’t make you weak. It’s okay to cry sometimes. It’ll save you from a hell of a lot of stress and goddamn migraines.

At the end of the day, all you need is love, they say. You’ve got loads of it from that beautiful family of yours. So take it, chug it, and glow and soar like you are supposed to.

(PS : This is not an advice, coz we know it sucks. It’s just a letter to the soul.)

With warm regards,


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Dear Diary #2

Ever felt a sudden urge, like a strong craving, to do something that you love but haven’t done in a long time? As for me, neurons started firing up in my brain (or whatever the science thingy is, I couldn’t care less) and I wanted to just get a pencil and paper and sketch something! Oh, how I wish for the art to just flow when that happens! (Can’t blame a girl for dreaming, even an unrealistic one!)

God had mercy on me, I found some papers at the reach of my eyes. Now the next step for me is more difficult than drawing itself. How do I know? Because, life is not easy. I couldn’t find a pencil. It’s totally on me coz, I left my entire drawing kit back home recently when I was on a vacation. (Shit happens!)

I had to embark myself on a journey of mini treasure hunt across the house, hoping to find a pencil, even a tiny one. No luck!

Show yourself, pencil!

Yeah, like it’s gonna pop up magically! I should have been a witch, I knew it! At least I know a magical solution to blow torch my frustration. I’m gonna go binge watch something on Netflix with a bowl of comfort food.

Until next time, lovely art and you wonderful people!

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The Death’s Feast

A thin streak of tears washed a line of ash and soot off his face exposing his real skin

The stench of blood, burnt flesh and death pinned him down to the bitter reality

He pushed and crawled and dragged himself away from the pile of lifeless soldiers

The gunshots and cries of human souls filled the air and his heart like a bitter scar

Time flew with the poor souls, a feast awaiting Death

The battle came to an end, they have won, they announced

He walked away with guilt and remorse, he had lost the count of the souls he had doused

He walked away, his own soul long lost by the horrors he had caused and endured

He walked away with questions that will never be answered; Where is peace? Where is humanity?

He walked away with a wish that will never be fulfilled; a world that doesn’t know war.

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A Sailor’s Sonnet

A beautiful sonnet that I came across! 💙

Pravarthika's log

Did it start with a long summer day?

On waters blue and wide,

A voyage long with none alongside

But gulls that often cry.

Billowed sails catch no more, nay

Nor the shimmering waters’ ride

All too long, an eternal wait

A sailor far from his bay.

But then came the day, with it the dame

To deck the deck to life,

Fill the air with sounds of mirth

A new significance for eternal came

For there ought to be no sorrow nor strife

But joyous new life’s birth.

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Dear Diary #1

Dear Diary,

I’ve never attempted logging journals or diary entries before and not gonna do it in the near future either. You might ask ‘Then what in the holy donut is this?!’. Well, to be honest, I have no idea. May be the ramblings of an overthinking girl who believes in fairy tales. At least the part where they say, ‘…and they lived happily ever after!’

When someone says, ‘Stop overthinking things’, I’m that kind of girl who comes up with 9438 reasons why I couldn’t help it! I was determined to make choco milkshake but I switched the blender on before closing the lid. Well, you know what happened next. You can also imagine my irritation, frustration and all kinds of negative emotions ever known to human because, I prefer every last drop of it in my mouth and not everywhere else!

Sleep is sometimes my bitter enemy. It haunts me like hell when I’m not supposed to sleep and I have to run behind it begging pathetically, when I should. In the aftermath of it, my mind works like a Mad Hatter’s Joint sometimes and I would need an official reboot of my system, using a tub of icecream.

Dear diary, I’m not perfect. I’m not judgey and you won’t judge me either. Pinky swear. It is lovely of you to bear my stupid ramblings. Until next time, bye-bye from me.

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The Weird, Wide World

The moon fell into the ocean, splashing, drenching me with a cold wave

The wind refused to dry me out as I shivered and sweared on my way home

The stars had fallen too, tired of shining, couldn’t spot a single one from the window

The air lost its scent of blooming flowers, it’s colorless, odorless, and lifeless

The dreams at night were abstract arts, I failed to decode them every time

The harsh rains hurt my skin as I swallowed my coffee, so tasteless

The signs were all around me that I ignored, the universe kept planting them

Like the sun rays reaching the edges of the earth, it dawned upon me now

This weird, wide world will never be the same without you.

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A Stranger From The Present

She reluctantly opened her eyes at the sound of the alarm clock that read 6.30am. It was a difficult task, getting out of bed with just about two hours of sleep. But she couldn’t give any more excuses to be off from work. This had become a habit.

Her worst mistake from the past, haunted her like a haunted house, she had to visit and revisit every single night. She never realized that with every day that passes she was far and away from it, one day at a time. Well, time heals they say.

But still, it all felt new and fresh as the day it happened. That night too, was no exception.

She watched herself ignoring her best friend’s calls for a stupid reason. The next day morning the news hit her like a bullet to the chest. If she had just picked up the call, her best friend would have been alive. Apparently, the demons of her best friend’s life had an upper hand that night. She had lost the fight.

“Why are you still here?” Someone from behind asked her but all she could see was darkness.

“Who’s there?” She asked, confused.

“Who am I?” The voice laughed. “You don’t belong here anymore”.

She did not understand. She kept staring into the dark. May be she would have waited for someone to appear.

“I’m your Past. You don’t belong here anymore.”

“If I had just picked up…” words crumbled and her eyes welled.

“Her fate was cruel. Yes. But you couldn’t have changed it whatever you had done. It is not your fault. For years you have visited and now you are no more than a stranger from the Present. You can now go back there to live your life in peace.”

She stood there, million thoughts overwhelming her but the voice was gone.

She slowly opened her eyes when her alarm sang. The air smelled fresh and sweet and she knew that it was going to be a good morning, that day and every day there after.

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